The Group

Established in 2004, the Robin Flying Group enjoys distinctive advantages.

We believe that we have struck an ideal balance between conventional rental of club/school aircraft, with all its frustrations, and solo private ownership with its risk and poor economics.

As a result we benefit from flying nicer aircraft at lower costs.

  1.     Choice of superb aircraft to fly

  2.     No capital investment required, no membership fees, no annual or monthly charges

  3.     Joining and leaving are easy - no long-term commitment demanded

Flying is paid for by buying “blocks”, with the hourly rate depending on the aircraft chosen for each flight and the size of the block – see Costs.

We are fortunate to have access to some of the finest aircraft anywhere, supported by Exavia which specialises in DR400 sales, service and support. Operating from the company’s premises at Exeter Airport our group also benefits from on-site maintenance and professional management.

Our flexible arrangements enable us to vary the number of aircraft in line with members’ needs. We have operated up to six aircraft in the height of summer, five most of the time and sometimes four in the depth of winter.

Consistently outstanding availabilty has meant that members rarely need to book aircraft far in advance and can easily go flying when they feel like it or the weather looks inviting.

It has also allowed complete freedom for members to take aircraft away touring – whether a single aircraft for a day, or two or three aircraft for several days. This has been accomplished with no “downtime charges”,  “minimum hours requirements” or similar deterrents to just going flying and enjoying it!

What members say they like about the Robin Flying Group:

  1.     Superb aircraft kept hangared and in exceptional condition

  2.     Outstanding availability – ad hoc and touring

  3.     Convenience, ease of operation and freedom from hassle

  4.     Absence of restrictions and petty rules

  5.     Friendly and supportive (but not intrusive) atmosphere

  6.     Multi aircraft fly-outs

  7.     Avoidance of financial risk

  8.     Low cost – particularly in relation to quality

  9.     Most enjoyable flying!