Our costs compare extremely favourably with the true costs not only of clubs and schools but of co-ownership groups as well – especially when monthly contributions, unexpected snags and top-ups, plus the opportunity cost of capital are taken into account.

Hourly costs depend on the size of the block purchased and aircraft flown. Members can mix models within the block. There are no membership or monthly charges. There are also no petty charges like 'temporary membership', passengers etc!

The costs below are “wet” rates  per hour - inclusive of fuel and oil (as at Sept 2020).

The aircraft can also be used on a “dry” basis at lower rates with the user paying for fuel/oil, subject to prior agreement. This can be particularly useful for longer trips abroad or hour building. Dry use can be mixed with wet use within any block purchased.

Our aircraft are fitted with Trakfax Flightmeter automatic flight time recorders, which record actual airborne time fully automatically. These simplify record-keeping, reduce pilot distraction and most importantly save members from being charged for excessive holding time on the ground. Rates are based on Flightmeter (airborne time) + 10 mins per flight, equating roughly to the chock to chock time which pilots normally record in their personal Log Book. 

An Exeter Airport Security Pass to give unfettered access to our hangar costs approx £185pa.  This entitles you to drive airside to the hangar (and to accompany a non pass-holder vehicle if required) and includes insurance for doing so. 

Please note: Costs and arrangements may vary from time to time. This page is intended to help to form a general picture of our group and is not to be construed as contractual in any way.  '